From massive backbones to short laterals, we pay close attention to detail by inspecting the fiber installation to verify network performance and immediately make corrections. When everything comes together, the focus is on timely and precise measurement and certification. Our staff is trained and certified to use accurate and calibrated test devices to verify cable, splice and termination quality (attenuation, location, and reflectance).  

Audit OSP and ISP
OTDR Testing
Fiber Characterization:
  • Polarization-mode dispersion
  • Chromatic dispersion

Continuity Test:

  • Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Fiber Identifier (FI)



Optical Loss Testing

OSP Insite

PON Testing

Power Meter iOLM

Reel Testing

Post Placement Testing

Documentation, Red Lines, As-built

Packaged Results

Best Practices

We are experts in data management and will package test results and reports for customers’ requirements that will ensure the health of networks.